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  • Localized Marketing Strategies
    Localized Marketing Strategies
  • Improved Brand Visibility 
    Improved Brand Visibility 
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    Cost Effective Marketing Solutions
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Business Owners in Tempe, AZ have relied on BILT Local. We offer up-front pricing with affordable rates for all our clients. Our team will make sure that your website gets a Service Guarantee!

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As an Arizona based business BILT Local, our mission is clear, to empower small businesses in Arizona to grow through honest, affordable local marketing services. Founded on the principles of service and success, our roots stem from our owner’s 20-year journey of building a service-focused business from the ground up, culminating in a successful exit. This experience has ingrained in us a deep understanding of the sales, marketing, and operational strategies that truly drive results without compromising quality.

We dedicate ourselves to serving small to medium-sized service-based businesses, leveraging proven business principles to ensure their success. Our story is a testament to what we offer our clients, which is a pathway from humble beginnings to significant achievements, just like our founder’s journey from a one-man operation to a thriving team of over 40 employees and a healthy-figure acquisition.

Welcome to The BILT Local Way—where your growth, is now our business.

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    Questions & Answers About Marketing Your Local Business in Arizona

    Got questions on marketing your local business? Check out our FAQs for easy peeks into common wonders. And if you’re still looking, don’t be shy—drop us a line today for a friendly chat!

    How do I choose a good marketing company?

    Choosing the right marketing company is crucial for the success of your business. Here’s how BILT Local recommends approaching this decision:

    • Define Your Goals: Clearly outline what you want to achieve with your marketing efforts. Whether it’s increasing brand awareness, boosting sales, or improving online presence, knowing your objectives will help you find a company that specializes in those areas.
    • Look for Experience in Your Industry: A company like BILT Local, with experience in your specific industry, will understand your target market better and know what strategies work best. Ask for case studies or success stories related to your field.
    • Evaluate Their Services: Ensure the marketing company offers the services you need. BILT Local, for instance, provides a range of services from digital marketing to traditional marketing and business consulting. A company that offers a comprehensive suite of services can adapt to your evolving needs.
    • Consider Local Expertise: For businesses targeting a local market, it’s beneficial to choose a company with local expertise. BILT Local focuses on leveraging local market dynamics to benefit your business, making us a strong candidate for Arizona-based businesses or those looking to penetrate specific local markets.
    • Check Their Reputation and Reviews: Look for testimonials, reviews, and feedback from previous clients. A reputable company like BILT Local prides itself on positive client outcomes and can provide references upon request.
    • Assess Their Communication and Reporting: Choose a company that values transparency and regular communication. At BILT Local, we ensure our clients are well-informed with regular updates and reports on campaign performance, illustrating our commitment to partnership and accountability.
    • Understand Their Pricing Structure: Opt for a marketing company that offers clear and flexible pricing. BILT Local discusses budget and expectations upfront, ensuring our services align with your financial considerations without compromising on quality.
    • Schedule a Consultation: A face-to-face meeting or a detailed consultation call can give you a better sense of the company’s approach and whether they’re a good fit for your business. BILT Local offers consultations to understand your needs and propose tailored strategies.

    By following these steps and choosing a company like BILT Local that aligns with your values and goals, you can form a partnership that not only meets but exceeds your marketing objectives.

    How much should I plan on spending with a media marketing firm?

    The amount you should plan on spending with a marketing company can vary widely based on several factors, including the size of your business, your industry, the scope of your marketing needs, and your specific goals. However, as a guideline, many businesses allocate between 7% to 10% of their gross revenue to marketing. For small to medium-sized businesses, especially those looking to grow or establish a significant online presence, investing towards the higher end of this range or even slightly above can be beneficial.

    For more targeted campaigns or specific services like digital marketing or consulting with a company like BILT Local, your budget could range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per month, depending on the complexity and reach of the services provided. It’s crucial to start with a clear understanding of your marketing objectives and a consultation with the marketing company to define a tailored strategy that fits your budget and growth expectations.

    Remember, effective marketing is an investment in your business’s growth and should be planned carefully with a focus on achieving a positive return on investment (ROI). Discussing your budget and expectations upfront with a marketing company will help ensure that your marketing efforts are aligned with your business goals and financial capabilities.

    What marketing channels are most profitable?

    As BILT Local, we understand that the landscape of profitable marketing channels can vary widely depending on the unique aspects of each business we partner with. However, through our experience working with small to medium-sized service-based businesses in Arizona, we’ve identified several channels that consistently deliver strong returns on investment:

    • Local SEO: Optimizing for local search queries is incredibly profitable for businesses targeting customers in specific geographic areas. It ensures your business appears when potential customers are searching for your services in Arizona.
    • Email Marketing: Personalized email campaigns tailored to your audience’s interests and needs can drive significant engagement and conversions, making it a highly cost-effective channel.
    • Social Media Marketing: Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are invaluable for connecting with the local community. Through targeted ads and organic content that resonates with the Arizona market, businesses can build brand loyalty and drive sales.
    • Content Marketing: Creating valuable, relevant content that addresses the specific interests and problems of your target audience can establish your business as a trusted local authority, fostering long-term customer relationships.
    • Google Ads (PPC): Pay-Per-Click advertising allows for precise targeting and immediate visibility in search engine results, offering a direct path to attract customers actively searching for your services.

    At BILT Local, we believe in a strategic approach that combines these channels to create a holistic marketing strategy. By leveraging data-driven insights and our deep understanding of the Arizona market, we tailor our efforts to maximize profitability and growth for each client. Our goal is to not only identify the most profitable channels for your business but to optimize them for sustained success in our vibrant local economy.

    What is traditional marketing?

    As BILT Local, we recognize the evolving landscape of marketing strategies, yet we also understand the enduring value of traditional marketing methods, especially when tailored to the needs of small to medium-sized service-based businesses in Arizona. Traditional marketing refers to the conventional methods of advertising and promotion that have been used by businesses for decades to reach their audience. These methods include:

    • Print Advertising: This encompasses advertisements in newspapers, magazines, brochures, flyers, and billboards. For local businesses, print ads in community publications or billboards in strategic locations can significantly boost visibility among local consumers.
    • Broadcast Advertising: Including radio and television commercials, broadcast advertising remains a powerful tool for reaching a broad audience. Local TV and radio spots can be especially effective for businesses aiming to increase brand awareness within the Arizona market.
    • Direct Mail: Sending postcards, catalogs, and promotional letters directly to potential customers’ homes. Despite the rise of digital communication, direct mail continues to offer a tangible way to connect with your audience, particularly in local communities where personal touch matters.
    • Outdoor Advertising: Beyond billboards, this includes signs, bus bench ads, and banners in public spaces. These are excellent for capturing the attention of local traffic and pedestrians in Arizona’s busy areas.
    • Telemarketing: The practice of reaching out to potential customers through phone calls. Although less prevalent than it once was, telemarketing can still be an effective way to personally engage with prospects, schedule appointments, or promote special offers.

    At BILT Local, we believe in the synergistic power of combining traditional marketing with digital strategies to create a comprehensive approach that leverages the best of both worlds. Traditional marketing offers the advantage of tangible, often locally focused advertising that can complement online efforts, helping to build brand recognition and trust within the Arizona community. Our expertise lies in integrating these traditional methods with modern digital tactics to craft marketing strategies that are not only effective but also resonate deeply with your target audience, fostering growth and loyalty.

    Is traditional marketing still effective?

    Here at BILT Local, we firmly believe that traditional marketing continues to hold significant value for businesses, particularly for those focusing on local markets like Arizona. While digital marketing has surged in popularity due to its wide reach and measurable results, traditional marketing methods still play a crucial role in creating comprehensive marketing strategies. Here’s why traditional marketing remains effective:

    • Local Reach and Recognition: For small to medium-sized businesses targeting specific geographic areas, traditional marketing techniques like local newspaper ads, billboards, and direct mail campaigns can effectively reach and resonate with the local community.
    • Tangible Connections: Physical materials like brochures, business cards, and print ads provide a tangible connection to your brand, which can be especially impactful in service-based industries where personal trust and relationships are key.
    • Brand Trust: Many consumers still associate a strong presence in traditional media with credibility and established business stature. This can be particularly beneficial for building brand trust among audiences less accustomed to online interactions.
    • Integrated Marketing Strategies: When traditional marketing methods are strategically integrated with digital campaigns, they can reinforce your message across multiple channels, increasing overall campaign effectiveness and brand recall.
    • Audience Diversification: Traditional marketing allows businesses to connect with segments of the population less engaged with digital platforms, such as older demographics or those in areas with limited internet access, ensuring a broader audience reach.

    With BILT Local, our approach is to blend the strengths of traditional marketing with the advantages of digital tactics. We assess the unique aspects of each client’s business, target audience, and goals to determine the optimal mix of marketing strategies. By leveraging traditional marketing’s local appeal and tangible impact alongside digital marketing’s precision and analytics, we create dynamic, effective campaigns designed to maximize reach, engagement, and growth for our Arizona-based clients. Traditional marketing is not just alive; it’s a vital component of our holistic approach to building your business success.

    What is SEO and how it works?

    BILT Local understands the importance of making your business visible online, especially for small to medium-sized service-based businesses in Arizona. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a fundamental part of achieving this visibility. Here’s a brief overview of what SEO is and how it works:

    What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a digital marketing strategy focused on enhancing your website’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). The goal is to attract organic (non-paid) traffic to your website by optimizing your content to be more appealing to search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

    How SEO Works: SEO involves several components, all aimed at making your site more search-engine friendly:

    1. Keywords: These are terms and phrases that potential customers use to search for services or products online. By incorporating these keywords into your website content, you can improve your site’s relevance and visibility for those searches.
    2. Content Quality: Search engines prioritize websites that provide valuable, relevant, and high-quality content. This includes blog posts, product descriptions, videos, and infographics that meet the needs and interests of your target audience.
    3. Site Structure and Navigation: A well-organized website with clear navigation helps search engines index your site more effectively, improving your SEO.
    4. Mobile Optimization: With the increasing use of smartphones for internet access, having a mobile-friendly website is crucial for SEO.
    5. Loading Speed: Faster websites provide a better user experience and are favored by search engines.
    6. Backlinks: These are links from other reputable websites to your site. Backlinks indicate to search engines that others value your content, enhancing your site’s credibility and ranking.
    7. Local SEO: For businesses targeting specific geographic areas, local SEO is crucial. This includes optimizing your website for local search queries, ensuring your business appears in local directory listings, and managing your Google My Business profile.

    The BILT Local SEO strategy involves a comprehensive approach, starting with a thorough audit of your current website and online presence. We then tailor a plan that includes keyword research, content optimization, technical SEO improvements, and local SEO tactics, all designed to increase your visibility in SERPs. By improving your SEO, we help drive more organic traffic to your site, enhance your brand’s online presence, and ultimately, support the growth of your business in Arizona’s competitive market.

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